Sigma Xi Brings Together Leading Minds in Science and Engineering

Gary Russi served as president of Oakland University for nearly 20 years. During this time, he not only increased the student population by 8,000 but also added more than 60 new academic programs. Over the course of his presidency, Gary Russi was also an active member of the Oakland University chapter of the Sigma Xi Research Society.

One of the world’s oldest and most expansive scientific organizations, Sigma Xi is an international honor society for scholars of science and engineering. The organization was established in 1886 with the mission of recognizing achievements in scientific research while also encouraging cross-disciplinary collaboration among scientists and engineers. Over nearly 130 years, more than 200 Sigma Xi members have won the Noble Prize. These members are commemorated in the Hall of Honor at the Sigma Xi Center in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, the society’s headquarters. In addition to serving as a place to honor distinguished members, the center also contains the organization’s administrative offices, a conference facility, and the editorial offices of American Scientist magazine. A bimonthly, award-winning publication dating back to 1913, American Scientist is Sigma Xi’s premier academic journal, offering insight into innovation across all facets of science and engineering.


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