Strategies for Increasing Staff Diversity

Gary Russi served Rochester, Michigan’s Oakland University as the institution’s president for 18 years between 1995 and 2013. During his tenure, Gary Russi was instrumental in increasing the university’s staff diversity from 6 percent to over 24 percent.

In addition to complying with anti-discrimination legislation, employers and recruiters who pursue a strategy of staff diversity can benefit from increased productivity and a stronger connection to clients, communities, and target markets. There are numerous strategies that workplaces can initiate to both increase and retain a diverse workforce.

Websites and community organizations, such as and the National Urban League, link organizations with job candidates representing minorities. When describing a vacant position, recruiters should ensure that the content is both appealing and culturally sensitive. Additionally, benefits such as flexible working hours, language training, and childcare offerings will appeal to job candidates from all backgrounds. Employers can provide diversity training within the workplace on all corporate levels, and support cultural attire choices and religious holidays.

A diverse workplace brings with it a wealth of new perspectives and ideas that may challenge existing structures and strategies. The ideas and initiatives brought to the table by employees from a wide variety of backgrounds may result in increased revenue streams, improved communication, and new business opportunities.


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